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AOAC ERP of the Year to Kombucha Alcohol Group


AOAC ERP of the Year to Kombucha Alcohol Group

NaturPro Contributes to Expert Panel Receiving AOAC Award: “ERP of the Year” to Kombucha Alcohol Group

The AOAC Expert Review Panel (ERP) charged with reviewing methods of analysis for ethanol in kombucha initially met in September 2016 to review methods against AOAC SMPR 2016.001 (Determination of Ethanol in Kombucha). At this meeting, the ERP adopted an Official Method of Analysis for First Action status, AOAC 2016.12 (Determination of Ethanol in Kombucha) using gas chromatography with flame ionization detection (GC-FID). The selection and validation of this method was coordinated by NaturPro Scientific and performed by Covance Laboratories, Wisconsin.

kombucha tea testing alcohol ethanol

Method adopted for kombucha tea testing for alcohol in validated labs

AOAC states: “The ERP’s work directly impacts the resolution of urgent and key issues identified by industry, and serves as a forum where both the kombucha industry and government work together.

“The ERP was selected because its open and thorough scientific scrutiny of methods and its output clearly demonstrate the culmination of an industry-wide effort that facilitates regulatory and industry engagement for addressing urgent analytical disputes and facilitating trade. All ERP members receive the award, and publicly receiving the award on behalf of the group is the ERP chair, Sneh Bhandari.

“The Expert Review Panel (ERP) of the Year Award recognizes an ERP for achieving and completing signicant milestone(s) (e.g., Final report, First Action Method, Final Action Method), highlighted by some unique or particularly noteworthy aspect of a review panel report, such as innovative technology or application, breadth of applicability, critical need, difficult analysis, or timeliness.

“The report demonstrates significant merit as to the scope of the project, diversity of the panel, or an innovative approach to difficult analytical challenges. The report must have been submitted within the last 3 years.”



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