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Collaborators and Resources

Collaborators and Partners

We are grateful for our strategic partners, experts and scientific and industry organizations.


Botanical Liaisons

British Columbia Institute of Technology

FPS Global Partners

Green Door Strategic Partners 

Nucentric Nutrition

Virtuosity Formulations




Organizations and Resources:

American Herbal Products Association — Associate Member, Raw Materials and Laboratory Standards Committee, Cannabis Committee

AOAC International — Member

American Botanical Council — Contributing Writer

Informa Publications —  Contributing Writer

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

American Society of Pharmacognosy

Food and Drug Administration


United States Pharmacopoeia

World Health Organization

Food Quality News

AHPA Botanical Identification Wiki

HPTLC Association

Institute of Food Technologists

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Beverage Daily

NaturalBlake on Twitter



List of Established Analytical Laboratories for Natural Products 

note: this list does not constitute an approval or endorsement of any lab

Alkemist Laboratories

Analytical Laboratories of Anaheim


Covance Laboratories

Eurofins Laboratories

Flora Research Laboratories

GAAS Analytical

Microbac Laboratories


Q Laboratories

Silliker Labs/Merieux Nutrisciences

Sora Labs

Tampa Bay Analytical Research Laboratory