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Dietary Supplement Development and Natural Product Development

Do you have an idea for Dietary Supplement Development and Natural Product Development? Want to know if you’re ready for success in this rapidly growing, highly competitive market?

Get ready with dietary supplement and ingredient product development services:


Ingredient Readiness Review (IRR)

The Ingredient Readiness Review (IRR) is a turn-key, proprietary ingredient selection and development tool designed to quickly and cost-effectively qualify ingredients for success in the dietary supplement market. The IRR includes the Ingredient Safety Analysis, the Ingredient Efficacy and Production Review, and the Ingredient Marketing Analysis.

Ingredient Safety Analysis (ISA)

The objective of the Ingredient Safety Analysis (ISA) is to provide a baseline evaluation of the safety aspects of an ingredient, with specific recommendations to prepare the ingredient for immediate market entry.

Ingredient Efficacy and Production (IEP) Review

The primary deliverable of the IEP Review is a Dosage, Claims and Mechanism (DCM) Analysis based on available clinical and preclinical research to carefully determine the Lowest Clinically Validated Dosage (LCVD). The DCM Analysis is often combined with the Ingredient Safety Analysis to become a bulletproof technical marketing document for an ingredient, or as internal documentation supporting label and marketing claims substantiation for a finished product.

The IEP Review also qualifies sources, specifications and pricing of ingredients, and determines appropriate product formats and formulation parameters that meet industry requirements for getting an ingredient to market.

Ingredient Marketing Analysis (IMA)

An ingredient may be determined as safe and efficacious, but still not be positioned for success.  For example, it may not meet market requirements, be perceived as differentiated enough, or compare favorably to the competition’s ingredients.  The Ingredient Marketing Analysis (IMA)  helps to prevent this failure. The primary deliverable of the IMA delivers how best the ingredient can be positioned and sold in the market, covering the following critical areas.

Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Consulting

NaturPro is not a contract or private label manufacturer, nor do we have financial or other interests in manufacturing facilities.  This allows us to serve as a true advocate for you, our client. Product safety,  efficacy, consistency, testing, and quality assurance need to all strike a balance with manufacturing process concerns.  We help you manage and work with the highest quality manufacturers, with your best interests in mind.