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Global Herb Producer Cooperative

The Global Herb Producer Cooperative (GHPC), established in 2017, connects people together through plants.

What does that mean? Single-source, high-quality, traceability-verified  producers of medicinal plants and plant-based products, responsibly sourced.

GHPC offers true ‘seed to product’ traceability, and provides a direct link between producer and buyer — whether they are a village or a world apart.  This means better price and quality, with the personal connections and transparency that cannot be provided in any other way.

Global Herb Producer Cooperative GHPC

Global Herb Producer Cooperative GHPC offers traceability and sustainability by connecting buyers direct to producers.

Connecting farmer or a group of farmers with the market directly (instead of via a series of middlemen, brokers and traders) puts the power back in the hands of the buyer and seller.

Connecting producers directly with buyers allows the market to determine the value of raw materials, and offers the buyer key insights into the quality and availability of their materials.

With today’s technologies, GHPC seeks to provide all farmers, collectors and producers of herbal and botanical raw materials a direct connection to potential buyers. Likewise, we seek to provide buyers the confidence and peace of mind that comes from a personal connection with the original producers, collectives and cooperatives, with the ability to connect with their personal farmer.

The GHPC is currently offering free basic listings for producers, products and buyers.   Contact Us Now for Your Free Listing for the June 2017 Launch

Global Herb Producer Cooperative

Global Herb Producer Cooperative GHPC connects tea and botanicals producers with buyers.

GHPC allows buyers and manufacturers of consumer products to have true ‘soil to shelf’ understanding and control of their raw materials. Buyers also benefit from an expanded knowledge of the supply chain dynamics, cost drivers like seasonality and market changes, material quality and availability, and the assurance that can only come with a personal relationship with the original producers and growers.

GHPC goes beyond non-GMO, organic and fair trade certifications. GHPC converts an anonymous supply chain to a direct link. We are able to be sure a fair price was paid, or what chemical treatments were added to a crop, making a true soil-to-shelf link.

Why the GHPC is Needed:

The widespread problem of poverty and especially farmer suicides across Asia are a symptom of something wrong with the value chain for medicinal plants. Farmers and wild collectors of botanical and natural products around the world often need help to provide for their families and have a chance to prosper.

In addition to the typical challenges faced by farmers and wild collectors, a number of economic issues, such as unpredictable demand, a lack of transparency to market prices, and a lack of choice among potential buyers are problems that limit the profitability of farming or collecting as a living.

The producer of a raw material (typically a farmer or collector) makes only a small percent of the value of the finished consumer product  —often less than 2% of the final cost of the final product! One reason for this, is that producers of basic raw materials are subject to the price offered on the spot, and do not have many choices of potential buyers.

Global Herb Producer Cooperative

Global Herb Producer Cooperative GHPC supports rural agricultural economies and families.

These problems are mainly ones of information access, which can be solved with today’s technologies. Just like Alibaba and E-bay have connected buyers with sellers who are worlds apart, the GHPC will help to connect producers of herbal  directly with buyers.

Connecting farmer or a group of farmers with the market directly, instead of through a trader or series of middlemen, has the potential to put the power back into producers’ hands.

The relationships that GHPC will facilitate for rural producers of raw agricultural or collected materials have potential to have a major impact on rural people around the world, to produce a sustainable, renewable medicine that is valued by the market.

Our Expectation: Converting the supply chain from a set of transactions with no verification to a transparent and direct one with direct verification creates a “win-win-win” for the “triple bottom line”.

The GHPC is currently offering free basic listings for producers, products and buyers.   Contact Us Now for Your Free Listing in advance of the June 2017 Launch

Why GHPC is not just another certification:

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ standard for herbal and botanical products used for health purposes. GHPC has a proprietary algorithm to determine the most appropriate standards to measure a facility of product against. Some of the benchmarked standards to certify producers according to standards like Good Agricultural Practices, SQF, Global GAP, AHPA GACP, and WHO GACP, while considering risk-based practices required by FDA under FSMA, in addition to requirements for dietary supplements.

Global Herb Producer Cooperative GHPC

Global Herb Producer Cooperative leverages modern technology to provide a level field for farmers and collectors.

A scope-specific level of certification can include  Organic, non-GMO and Fair-trade. Programs like Organic, non-GMO and FairTrade are noble and necessary, but are only ‘paper’ audits with a site visit once or twice yearly. What happens the other 364 days of the year, and what is actually in the materials (such as pesticides) is not included in current audit programs. Most agricultural materials are mixed, transported, treated, stored, diluted or adulterated “in the dark” with no records or verification, even ones that are organic or fair trade. GHPC goes beyond the paper trail to establish a direct relationship with farmers, collectors and producers of agricultural and other natural products.


The Bottom Line: There is no comparison to establishing a direct, long-term relationship with a farmer or producer of raw materials — in terms of quality, transparency, trust, and profitability.

The Mission of the Global Herb Cooperative:

  1. To leverage technology that connects farmers and producers of agricultural and food raw materials directly to buyers.
  2. To add value and quality by certifying and requiring all producers and buyers to adhere to a stringent set of quality and integrity standards.
  3. To promote global sustainability and tolerance by supporting rural economies in the U.S. and globally, focusing on farmers, harvesters and collectors of botanical raw materials.


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