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Natural Product Formulation and Development


Natural Product Formulation and Development

Formulating a health product, whether dietary supplement or food, is a lot more than just picturing a combination of ingredients that go well together.

NaturPro can manage all or parts of the process for natural product formulation and development — from seed to shelf — for dietary supplement and health food products.

 Top 10 Product Development Tools:  Product development requires a ‘toolbox’ of analysis including the following

  1. Financial (costing, budgets, pricing, inventory requirements, profitability)
  2. Regulatory status and safety assessment
  3. Market analysis, positioning & competitive forces.
  4. Ingredient Readiness, supplier verification, availability, quality and cost
  5. GMP’s, specifications, and analytical testing
  6. Clinical substantiation and claims
  7. Intellectual property development and freedom to operate
  8. Distribution channel & sales
  9. Manufacturability and shelf stability
  10. Contract manufacturer advocacy: qualification, negotiation and management



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