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Nutraceutical Research Study Sign-Up


Nutraceutical Research Study Sign-Up

NaturPro is currently conducting a research survey on a transdermal patch containing plant extracts that may improve focus and performance during occasions requiring optimal mental or physical performance.

 The survey includes healthy volunteers aged 18-39 who exercise regularly to provide survey information on their mental and physical states, both before and after one week trial of a transdermal patch containing natural and safe ingredients that support physical stamina and mental focus.

Participants will be paid $100 to complete this week-long survey. 


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This survey is being conducted to determine whether a transdermal nutraceutical skin patch containing natural and safe ingredients that may improve performance and mood endpoints in people who exercise regularly.

  1. The survey requires you to be healthy and physically active, and between the ages of 18-39.
  2. You are not on any medications for any diagnosed medical conditions.
  3. You are not pregnant or lactating, or currently taking any hormones, steroids, or performance-enhancing drugs or supplements.
  4. You have exercised at least 3 times per week, for at least 20 minutes per day, for the past month.
  5. You pledge to not change any of your dietary or exercise behaviors for a week before, or during the 7-day study.
  6. You pledge to conduct the surveys honestly and comply with all the requirements.
  7. You pledge to truthfully report any positive effects or improvements, as well as any side effects, adverse events, illnesses or injury occurring during the study, whether they are attributable to the study treatment or not.
  8. This survey is to be completed twice: the day you begin using the transdermal nutritional patch, and one week (7 days) after applying one patch per day.

SURVEY MEASUREMENT: The survey is based on validated clinical measurements for mood and exercise recovery. The survey is conducted on Survey Monkey, and all results are encrypted and kept private according to the strictest privacy standards.

SURVEY PRODUCT: The patches are made of non-latex, non-allergenic, pharmaceutical grade materials and adhesives, that will be commercially available in early 2018

  1. Make sure the patch is affixed to clean, dry skin, on your shoulder, upper back or thigh. Do not apply anything else to the skin, such as lotions or moisturizers
  2. Remove the backing of the patch, and firmly stick the the treatment patch on your shoulder, upper back or thigh, in the morning.
  3. Keep on for at least 8 hours per day, including during training, work or competition.
  4. The patch can be kept on during bathing or showering, or sleeping
  5. Do not remove and replace the same patch on another part of your body.
  6. The patch should not fall off, but if it does, report this in the survey and replace with a new one.
  7. You may keep the patch on for longer than 8 hours, for up to 24 hours.
  8. You must take the end-of-week survey in the morning, within 16 hours of removing the last patch.

POTENTIAL RISKS: This study will entail zero to very limited risk to subjects. The study treatment is a transdermal patch containing all ingredients plant-based ingredients commonly consumed orally in dietary supplements. The patch is made in a facility that employs Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  No blood or other biological specimens are taken in the study. The measurement tool is an online, web-based survey using a validated clinical measurement of mood, focus and exercise recovery. Some subjects may receive a placebo or ‘dummy’ patch. If you are in the placebo group, you will be notified after the study to receive a free 7-day supply of the active treatment.

TREATMENT PRECAUTIONS: Reported cases of skin irritation with this product or its ingredients are extremely rare. People with sensitive skin or who experience irritation from plant-based extracts or essential oils may be sensitive to the treatment product.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Subjects in the active group may perceive better focus, performance, mood or stamina as a result of the treatment.

 COMPENSATION: You will be paid $100 after completing both online surveys one week apart. Payments will be sent to you by check within 2 weeks of study completion. You must complete every part of this survey two times, both before and after the 7-day study, to receive compensation.

CONTACT: This study is conducted by NaturPro Scientific LLC. You may contact the study coordinator, Blake Ebersole, at anytime at blake@npscientific, or by phone at (317) 727-9173.

PRIVACY: Your personal information is kept private, and we will not sell or give out your contact information. We adhere to all HIPAA and standard medical practices for patient information privacy. If we choose to publish the results of the study, the results will be reported as an average of all participants, and your personal information will not be disclosed. We encourage comments at the end of the survey; you consent for your comment to be published, without any personally identifying information. We require your phone number so that we may contact you to confirm your interest and answer any questions.  Your mailing address is used to ship to study materials (transdermal patches) to you, and will not be used or shared for any other purpose.


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