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Dietary Supplement Supplier Verification

Dietary Supplement Supplier Verification

Suppliers, manufacturers, marketers and distributors of supplements are better able to manage risk and ensure compliance of supply chain with regulations.

Dietary Supplement Supplier Verification

Our Supplier Verification Process: NaturPro offers flexible plans for supply verification according to GMP. The approach depends on our clients’ individual regulatory requirements, findings from an initial gap analysis included with every audit, and current level of documentation.

NaturPro offers a range of GMP supplier audit services, to comply with FDA requirements for ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, packagers and distributors of dietary supplements. The process of audits for a GAP assessment, vendor qualification, consultation or due diligence is as simple as submitting the appropriate paperwork and scheduling the audit.

  1. Expertise: Experienced auditors with 10+ years experience in international supply chain
  2. Type: Flexible options customized to your needs, including gap analysis, training, self-evaluations, internal audits, multiple standards audits, and mock audits
  3. Format: Desk (documentation) audit, video audits, in-person audits, and combination audits
  4. Project or Subscription Basis: On as-needed contract basis, or ongoing basis to maintain certification.
  5. Facility: Distributor, Manufacturer, Marketer for a range of product types and dosage forms
  6. Reporting: Included are A) GMP Certification or Letter of Opinion benchmarked to a particular approved standard and B) Comprehensive audit and corrective actions reports.

Complying with GMP’s  involves more than keeping your facility in compliance. It’s also essential to verify your supply chain is compliant with the regulation. We can perform supply chain GMP audits as needed at your request or on an ongoing basis to maintain certification.

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