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Private Label Drink and Beverage Powder Supplement Formulation


Private Label Drink and Beverage Powder Supplement Formulation

Creating a successful customized drink and beverage powder is a lot more than creating a list of ingredients that mix well together.

NaturPro has a broad base of knowledge in production of drinks and beverage powder development, spanning from pilots to private labels.

We guide our clients in the right direction, by helping to manage all or parts of the process for private label drink and beverage powder formulation and development all for dietary supplement and health products.

Drink and Beverage Supplement Formula Development

Our client list includes folks of all shapes and sizes, from startup to large corporation.

No two clients or projects are the same, but there are some common approaches found in our Development Toolbox:

Powder Development Toolbox: Top 10 Powder Development Tools:

Powder development requires a ‘toolbox’ of analysis including the following

  1. Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Positioning
  2. Regulatory Status / Safety Assessment
  3. Claims Development and Substantiation
  4. Powder Costing and Financials
  5. Ingredient Readiness, Supplier Qualification
  6. GMP’s, Specifications, and Analytical Testing
  7. Intellectual Property Development
  8. Manufacturing Feasibility
  9. Contract Manufacturer Qualification and Negotiation 

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