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Brain Supplement Nootropic Food Beverage Drink

What’s ‘noo’ in nootropics?

Well first: what’s NOT new: Pharmaceutical ingredients masquerading as nootropic supplements. A February 2019 Warning Letter from FDA to Pure Nootropics LLC regarding disease claims

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Ingredient Sustainability

Sustainable sourcing: Not ‘selfies with farmers’

International standards and regenerative farming are at the leading edge of sustainability when discussing the sourcing of herbs and botanicals. But at essence, promoting sustainability begins with evaluating and understanding what is needed most to sustain and improve supply.

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Supplement and Food Transparency

Toxins land baby foods in hot water

Ebersole can see the writing on the wall. “I expect the media will report that these levels reported in baby food are toxic—and sow more distrust in baby food. Meanwhile, industry looks bad, but it’s not entirely our fault without some clarity on what limits we should be setting,” he said.

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Food Hemp GMP

Harvesting a quality hemp supplier from the chaff

The supply chain for hemp ingredients like CBD is crowded, with the whole spectrum of quality available. At the top are legitimate, transparent sources exerting extreme care, control and expertise. At the bottom, a glut of traders and speculators who are blind to product provenance and production.

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Dietary Supplement GMP Consultants

Supplement & Distributor SOP’s and Procedures

If you market or sell your own label of supplement or food product that is manufactured by a third party, such as a contract manufacturer or copacker, then you are responsible for its manufacture and labeling—even if you never physically touch the product. 

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