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Turmeric Extract Ingredient

When Modern Science Collides with Ayurveda

What do traditional Ayurveda and modern science have in common — other than repeated testing of hypotheses, and communication of evidence?   Answer: They both warrant the usage of many herbs for health purposes based on rigorous observation in humans.   While Ayurveda’s got nothing on our space age, it’s got its own chops as a well-developed, time-tested, evidence-based system. That’s partly why health claims based on traditional usage are recognized by some of

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Gummy Supplement Development

What’s next.. vitamin gobstoppers?

I remember the time I was called to an all-hands product development call regarding an amazing new technology. The crack team of young marketing whizzes had spent months compiling extensive market exploration research, mapping consumer needs, and diagramming product idea matrices. The culmination of this work was a groundbreaking product concept that was not only completely unique, but also met the unserved needs of millions of Americans.  The beautiful, graphically pleasing Powerpoint

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Smart Extracts for Smarter Supplements

The brain bone is connected to the hip bone — and just about everything else in our body. So when we think about antioxidant-rich botanicals that are good for our health, chances are they’re probably good for our brain too. Luckily, the past 20 years have given us an incredible amount of data to develop botanical-based supplements that are good for the noggin.  In just the past year or two, dozens of

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Amazon Prohibited Supplements

Dietary Supplements Prohibited by

The following list of supplements are banned for sale by Amazon as of April 18, 2023. This list did not provide business owner names or contact information. Contact Amazon or FDA directly if you would like to learn more about these prohibited brands. Visit the source page at the Amazon website for an updated list. Known Prohibited Products Amazon specifically prohibits the following Supplement products. These products are prohibited because they do not meet

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Natural Product Consultants

New Research and Opportunities in Weight Management

Untold tens of thousands of published scientific studies reveal ways to maintain a healthy body weight. Most weight management studies published in the past 20 years heavily emphasize overall diet and lifestyle, incorporating lifestyle interventions in addition to drugs or supplements. Simple lifestyle interventions—like getting a daily text reminder, recording an eating diary, and attending group meetings or therapy—are shown to help lose some weight. Yet on average, the weight lost with

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