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About Us



About Us

NaturPro Scientific is a boutique natural products consulting firm offering scientific expertise and solutions in the areas of natural product development, quality and compliance.

NaturPro was founded on the basis that the natural products industry faces a number of challenges, and an even greater number of opportunities. 

Our ultimate goal is to be your trusted "Mountain Guide" up a steep, slippery climb. On the way, we help you lay the groundwork for success -- by strengthening your science and quality, and helping to communicate it appropriately.

Some of our clients include Fortune-500 consumer products companies, leading ingredients suppliers and manufacturers. We assist in technology development for innovation centers, as well as start-ups looking to develop their first products.

Part of the NaturPro advantange includes access to our team of experts, including some of the top legal, scientific and business minds in natural products.

I look forward to helping you on your journey.



Blake Ebersole
NaturPro Scientific LLC

BIO: Blake Ebersole, B.S. Forensic Chemistry, MBA, has worked in R&D, production and quality of dietary supplement ingredients for over 12 years. As research director, Blake assisted in the effort to conduct and publish more than a hundred scientific studies and patents on natural products in the areas of clinical, toxicology, mechanism of action and chemical characterization. As quality director, Blake developed quality systems and audit programs for ingredients facilities in developing countries based on ISO, GMP and risk-based food safety standards.  Blake is an active contributor to dietary supplement and natural product regulatory efforts, and participates in active committees for the American Herbal Products Association and AOAC International, and is a regular contributing writer to publications such as Natural Products Insider

Member of:

American Herbal Products Association
AOAC International
Institute of Food Technologists

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Our Mission

The NaturPro Promises

We offer a broad, strong background

Leveraging a background in product development, quality management, scientific and regulatory affairs and marketing, NaturPro offers the unique experience of working with a team with a broad and deep range of expertise in the dietary supplements and natural products industry.   

We offer value and balance

Our expert team combines clinicians, formulators, chemists, botanists and marketing professionals with more than 30 years combined experience developing natural products and ingredients for the world’s top companies.

NaturPro aims to take a balanced approach, and our internal measure of success on any project is whether we are offering real, measurable value to our clients' operations. 

We work harder

Many consultants employ a platform or system where they 'plug and chug' regardless of the client's need. But we realize that no two problems or firms are exactly the same.  We may use well-proven methodologies to achieve your goals, but first we work hard to understand your needs and abilities -- and that's only the beginning. 

We aim long-term

Different from many consulting firms, NaturPro offers the ability to quickly develop workable solutions that maximize value, and fit your company size and budget.  We are here to help our clients and develop long-term relationships, not rack up billable hours with no end in sight.  

Our Vision: Plan for the Next Thousand Years

For thousands of years, natural products were central to health as food and medicine. After a short dark age for all things natural in the 1900s, a new renaissance has arrived.  The use of natural and healthy ingredients for health foods, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and other health care products has exploded.

Today's challenges and opportunities are great. With increasing regulatory enforcement, aging populations, rapid advances in science and technology, a bustling and competitive global marketplace -- and consumer demand for quality and transparency -- the natural products industry is presented with a unique situation.

We have to think about the next thousand years and beyond. The circle of life can be completed with food and medicine from the earth, while fossil fuels and synthetic chemistry will not be sustainable sources of food and medicines at some point in the future. Seeds, soil and farmers are the sustainable lifeblood of foods and medicines, for as long as we can imagine into the future.  The NaturPro vision is to make natural products again central to health and life, by applying world-class science and stringent quality standards.