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Supplement Manufacturing Consulting

Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Consulting: The NaturPro Difference

NaturPro is not a contract or private label manufacturer, nor do we have financial or other interests in manufacturing facilities.  This allows us to serve as a true advocate for you, our client. Product safety,  efficacy, consistency, testing, and quality assurance need to all strike a balance with manufacturing process concerns.  We help you manage and work with the highest quality manufacturers, with your best interests in mind.

The end result?  Efficacious, safe and quality products that are unique in the market, and positioned to sell.


Ready to launch your own consumer product?  

Just follow the Top 10 Product Success Guidelines:

  1. Product Formulation and Development: Proactively Develop. Formulating is not just mixing a bunch of ingredients together and putting them in a capsule. Leverage our proprietary development process that includes  product positioning, financial feasibility and brand development.
  2. Formula Readiness Review (FRR):  Get Ready. The comprehensive review outlining substantiation, challenges and solutions for getting the formula properly made, tested and labeled.
  3. Research and Clinical Trials:  Substantiate Your Claims. Study design, implementation, data analysis and publication in a top journal.
  4. Legal Review:  Protect Your Investment.  Trademark and IP Review, Vendor Agreements, Exclusivity, GMP Compliance, Structure-Function Claims
  5. Clean Label Development (CLD): Make It Stand Out Safely. Supplement Facts, Innovative Product Naming and Taglines, FDA-compliant Warnings, Unique and Targeted Product Descriptioning
  6. Benchtop Trials and Samples: Ensure Proper Formulation and Efficacy prior to large-scale manufacturing
  7. Supplement Manufacturing Consulting: Your Independent Advocate
    1. Ingredient and Manufacturer Sourcing, Guidance and Negotiation
    2. Quality and Formula Assurance throughout the R&D, piloting and production process
  8. Product Substantiation: Make Claims That Hold Water. Technical Marketing Dossier and Claims Substantiation
  9. Product Testing: Cut No Corners. Test Method Development, Test Results Verification, Troubleshooting and  Laboratory Communications
  10. Educational Support:  Spread the Word. Training and Educational Materials in Various Media

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We save you time and money. How?

Get Product Made

Getting product made sounds simple. But unclear objectives and insufficient due diligence at this stage can be a recipe for failure. 

Product Development Secrets

How To Save Time and $$

Product development typically involves a lot of mistakes, dead ends and spinning wheels. While no product development process is perfectly efficient, that is our aim.  Our unique combination of creativity, scientific and industry expertise, and a proven process helps you make wise use of your time and money. 

Compliance is Critical

The most critical part of all phases of R&D and Product Development is Regulatory Compliance.  FDA requires you ensure your product and its ingredients adhere to FDA-mandated Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and you document the safety, efficacy and label claims of your product. Regulatory compliance is a small but smart investment in your future. 

Product Development Activities

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