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Workshop on Product Testing at Supplyside


Workshop on Product Testing at Supplyside

2018 SUPPLYSIDE WORKSHOP — Effectively Partnering with a Contract Laboratory

Location: Lower Level, North Convention Center

Wednesday, November 7 | 1:30-4:30pm

  • NaturPro Scientific will be discussing common pain points (and reliable cures) to forging long-lasting client-lab partnerships. For example, many companies responsible for testing their product pay little attention to how the material is being tested, and whether the lab is using a scientifically valid method.
  • Miscommunication, lack of transparency, and insufficient lab QC practices can hamper the reliability and consistency of lab test results. Ultimately, product quality suffers.
  • Open communication, verification, and investment in testing of ingredients and finished products are critical factors of successful partnerships in many ways — the main being to prove the validity of test methods required by GMP, and ensure accurate and reliable results.
  • The business benefits of positive client-lab relationships are often reflected in key performance metrics such as fewer production delays and product recalls, and reduced testing expenses.


About the Workshop:

The extensive range of requirements for testing—of ingredients and finished products—places a great burden on manufacturers to invest in their own laboratory facilities, or to select an appropriate contracted partner. Many companies do both, using internal resources for day-to-day operations and outsourcing higher cost tests or seeking independent validation of results. Understanding the steps involved in selecting the right laboratory partner to meet your needs, and managing that partnership over the long term, can lead to greater peace of mind and, ultimately, ensure you’re delivering the highest quality products to consumers.

  • Top considerations and questions for a contract laboratory partner
  • Ensuring your laboratory is compliant with all regulations—and that you’re covered
  • Determining the type of testing that can be accommodated in-house and what is best served by an outside partner.


  • Tara Couch, EAS Consulting
  • Blake Ebersole, NaturPro Scientific
  • Michael Hoard, Arizona Nutritional Supplements
  • Holly Johnson, AHPA
  • Aaron Secrist, NOW Foods

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American Testing Lab


Micro Quality Labs

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