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Education on Lab and Method Qualification at Supplyside


Education on Lab and Method Qualification at Supplyside

There are thousands of variations of analytical methods used for natural products.  Not all of them are fit for purpose, failing to meet a central requirement for dietary supplement cGMP’s.

Access slides on Lab and Method Qualification

Identity methods for botanical products are especially problematic, as demonstrated by the mass confusion set off by the NY A.G.

And manufacturers and contract labs are stuck in the middle of a supply chain that can lack an understanding of the source or processing method, which are important factors for labs to determine appropriate methods.

The talk presents challenges and best practices for method selection and validation against established guidance from AOAC International. A process for lab qualification, method development and ‘red flags’ will also be presented.

When: October 5, 2016

Where: Supplyside West at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center

Access the slides here

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