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Dietary Supplement Audits

Dietary Supplement Audits

NaturPro Scientific stands out as consultants who work for our clients. We help our clients creating a successful dietary supplement by helping with Audits and GMPs.

Audits are an integral part of the licensing and ongoing regulatory compliance process for dietary supplements. Audits can be rigorous, and are seen as a true ‘stress test’ on your quality system.

The 4 main benefits of our audits (among many) include:

  • Understanding where you are may not meet regulatory requirements
  • Provide reviews and recommendations from a fresh perspective
  • Train your staff on dealing with regulatory audits
  • Reduce the risk of a food safety issue or costly product recall.
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Types of Supplement Audits

Pre-License Audits
Prior to issuing a license (e.g.,  Cultivation, Processor, Retail), regulators may require demonstration  compliance with the relevant cannabis regulation, and to ensure implementation of critical regulatory requirements such as physical security requirements, recordkeeping and good production practices. Licensed cannabis firms are required to demonstrate regulatory compliance at these audits in order to achieve (and maintain) their license.

Introductory Audits

An introductory audit may be scheduled after the pre-licensing audit, when the licensee is ready to start production. NaturPro Scientific is often hired to participate in and support our clients before, during and after regulatory audits. This audit is conducted to verify compliance against regulations in addition to inventory control/activities.

GMP Audit 
This type of audit assesses compliance against established Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) guidelines. Our experts have extensive experience with GMP audits to assist cultivators and processors  identify gaps against the regulations/standards, and putting appropriate corrective and preventative actions in place.

Quality Assurance
NaturPro has FDA-trained food safety experts (PCQI) and chemists on staff, and we are often called to perform duties of a Quality Manager for our clients. We handle and interpret lab testing, support supply chain and supplier qualification based on best practices for cannabis and botanical drugs.

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