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Nutraceutical Formulators


Nutraceutical Formulators

NaturPro are nutraceutical formulators with a broad range of experience in development and production of nutraceuticals, supplements, healthy foods and natural products — spanning from raw material to finished consumer product.

We talk through your goals with you and clarify the kind of nutraceutical formulators you’re looking to hire.

A number of considerations go into formulating successful, effective, safe and compliant nutracetical products.  These include:

  • What does the product or food do?
  • What can be claimed about the product?
  • Is the evidence supporting the claims sufficient?
  • How safe is the product?
  • How is the ingredient dosage determined?
  • Are the ingredients available at an acceptable quality, cost and volume?

The 4 Steps to Nutracetical Product Formulation

There are four main points when formulating nutraceutical products:

  •  Taste, Color, Delivery systems, and Dosage. We focus on the consumer market and how to help sell your product.
  • Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Positioning. Making your product stand out from others.
  • Supplement Testing and Analysis. NaturPro Scientific, as an UnLab, partners with expert analytical laboratories to conduct specific testing.
  • Product Manufacturing Feasibility. We check early on to make sure your product and ingredients are feasible and available to make.

“Only move forward with creating a product that will be ‘above the bar.’”

Nutraceutical formulators coordinate the knowledge of supplement consultants and experts, review regulatory status of the product and evaluate the available scientific evidence.  A good development plan will identify not only opportunities, but also gaps and risks that may prevent success.

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