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Nutrition Product Development


Nutrition Product Development

Development of nutrition products focus on efficacy, quality and purity. NaturPro has a broad base of knowledge in nutrition product development and production of nutrition supplements, healthy foods and natural products, spanning from raw material to finished consumer product.

We take the time to talk through your goals with you and clarify the kind of nutrition product you’re looking to develop and sell. A number of considerations go into developing successful, effective, safe and compliant nutritional supplements.  These include:

  • What does the product or food do?
  • What can be claimed about the product?
  • Is the evidence supporting the claims sufficient?
  • How safe is the product?
  • Who will benefit from the product?
  • How is the ingredient dosage determined?
  • Are the ingredients available at an acceptable quality, cost and volume?

Four Steps to Nutrition Product Development

There are four main points when developing nutritional products:

  • Dosage & Delivery We focus on the details that make your product and claims stand out from the rest.
  • Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Positioning. Making your product stand out from others.
  • Supplement Testing and Analysis. NaturPro Scientific, as an UnLab, partners with expert analytical laboratories to conduct specific testing.
  • Contract Manufacturing Advocacy – Qualifying and negotiating with contract manufacturers

Sufficient time spent in the planning phase is the difference between success and failure.

Product formulating plans often coordinate the knowledge of supplement consultants and experts, review regulatory status of the product and evaluate the available scientific evidence.  A good development plan will identify not only opportunities, but also gaps and risks that may prevent success.

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