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Nutrition Formulation Consultants


Nutrition Formulation Consultants

NaturPro Scientific stands out as consultants who work for our clients. Creating a successful product is a lot more than creating a list of ingredients that mix well together.

Our history: We have more than 30 years experience in developing the scientific aspects of nutrition products to support human health.

NaturPro has a broad base of knowledge in consulting services and nutritional product development, healthy foods and natural products, spanning from raw material to ingredient, to finished nutrition product.

A number of considerations go into developing successful, effective, safe and compliant dietary supplements, foods, and food and dietary ingredients.  These include:

  • What does the nutrition formula do?
  • How safe is the product?
  • How is the ingredient dosage determined?
  • What can be claimed about the nutrition product?
  • Is the evidence supporting the claims sufficient

Nutritional Product Formulation Consultants

Top 7 Nutrition Product Development Tools

Nutritional Formulation Consulting Services requires a ‘toolbox’ of analysis including the following

  1. Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Positioning
  2. Regulatory Status / Safety Assessment
  3. Claims Development and Substantiation
  4. Ingredient ReadinessSupplier Qualification
  5. GMP’s, Specifications, and Analytical Testing
  6. Manufacturing Feasibility
  7. Contract Manufacturer Qualification and Negotiation 

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